Every year during the week end of the Pentecost, Verneuil collects numerous exhibitors amateurs or not on the occasion of its big Fair. Introduced in 1979 by Daniel Perret and the rural home, the fair of Verneuil fast knew how to acquire a certain fame. The events committee, the PGCATM and the ASVB joined the rural home to organize this big demonstration.
This year took place the 25th Fair !
If you stroll in Verneuil during summer, you will perceive surprising persons in the corners of streets and our houses.
Discover scarecrows

One of the peculiarities of Verneuil lives in its museum of the wash and the ironing. A unique place and abounding in objects so rare and precious some that the others. This important collection is the fruit of a passion, the one who captivated Jacques Lebrun's interest during of numerous years.
The site of the museum of the wash and the ironing

Opened every day of June at the end of August, from 3 pm till 7 pm. (Other periods on meeting)
Phone /+3304.
Entrance : 2,30€
Group: 1,55€
- Of 12 years: free
School complexes: 1€ / pupil
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